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TIP OF THE DAY: Turn Liqueurs Into Adult Sodas

Whether you call it a sparkler, a spritzer or a
soda, a liqueur like Kahlúa mixed with club
soda is a refresher. Photo courtesy Kahlúa.


Just as you can turn wines into a spritzers by adding club soda, liqueurs are also waiting for a bit of sparkle.

Don’t let your liqueurs sit on the shelf when you can turn them into warm-weather refreshers. Simply add club soda (soda water) to create a spritzer, or adult soda.

Coffee lovers can start with a Kahlúa soda. Kahlúa liqueur blends Arabica coffee with rum for a very adult way of enjoying your java…or a sophisticated glass of coffee soda.


Ingredients Per Drink

  • 1 part Kahlúa
  • 3 parts club soda
  • Lime wedge

    1. Fill a tall glass with ice. Add the ingredients in order.

    2. Stir lightly (so as not to break the bubbles). Garnish with the lime wedge.



    If you enjoy a Rum & Coke, try a Kahlúa & Coke—it’s rum, coffee and coke.

    Add 2 parts of Kahlúa to an ice-filled highball glass and top with 3 parts cola. Stir lightly and enjoy!


    Do the same with Grand Marnier or other orange liqueur (Combier, Gran Gala and triple sec, for example).

    Take an inventory of the other liqueurs you have and plan an adult soda party. You can ask friends to bring a bottle from their collection and put together a sampling of apple soda (apple schnapps), cherry soda (kirsch), lemon soda (Limoncello), peach soda (peach schnapps) raspberry soda (framboise)—the whole soda fountain!


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