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RECIPES: What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

What about the leftovers? Photo courtesy


Have too many leftovers?

We love the fried stuffing balls we wrote about on Wednesday. The recipe also turns leftover cranberry sauce into a dip for the stuffing balls.

What about too much turkey and too many sweet potatoes? Here are some ideas from Spice Islands and THE NIBBLE:

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich
Mix cranberries with mayonnaise and make a turkey sandwich on better-for-you whole wheat bread or toast. Add leftover stuffing, salad or a combination of lettuce, tomato and sliced cucumbers. As a side with your sandwich, crunch on any remaining crudités.

Turkey Pot Pie
Leftover turkey is a wonderful excuse to make pot pie! Here’s a recipe.


White Bean Turkey Chili
Use a traditional white bean turkey chili recipe with cumin—here’s a recipe from Emeril Lagasse. For a more complex flavor, add two teaspoons of vanilla to the recipe. Long a “secret” ingredient in chili, vanilla, also from Mexico, mellows the heat of the chiles, pairs well with cumin and adds a rich, earthy taste and aroma.

Sweet Potato Mash
You can turn candied sweet potatoes into mashed potatoes as a side, or sweetened to taste with sugar and pumpkin pie spices (plus some vanilla extract) to fill tartlet or pie shells.

Cranberry Compote
Mix cranberry sauce with a dash of cinnamon, orange liqueur and a teaspoon of vanilla. Heat on the stove until warm and pour over vanilla or berry ice cream or sorbet.

Tomorrow: 15 things to do with leftover cranberry sauce.


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