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TIP OF THE DAY: The Best Way To Reheat Pizza (In A Frying Pan)

Crisp up that pizza! Photo by Moi Cody | SXC.


Do you reheat your pizza in the oven? In the microwave?

We’ve got a better technique, courtesy of Chef John of

Refreshing a pizza on the stovetop delivers a much crisper pizza, in a fraction of the time it takes to heat the oven.

You can use this method for reheating day-old pizza; it’s also useful for crisping up pizza that was just delivered, to restore the fresh-out-of the-oven texture.

  • Place a large, dry frying pan over medium heat. No oil is needed—there’s already enough in the pizza.
  • Put the pizza in the pan and cover it loosely with foil.
  • In 4-5 minutes, the crust will be crisp and the cheese will be hot. It’s ready to eat!

    Let us know how you like it!

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