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TIP OF THE DAY: The Burger Dimple & Butter Pat

You can take two simple steps to grill a better burger.

Dimple It
If your burgers tend to puff up, here’s a tip to keep them looking good: Use a spoon to press a dimple into the top before placing them on the grill. The burgers will rise while remaining shapely.

Butter It
We had burgers at the home of a friend who shaped her patties around a pat of butter, like Martha Stewart does. We were shocked at the addition of cholesterol to cholesterol, but decided to taste it before passing judgment.

It was luscious, and inspired us to do the same, with our own improvement: compound (flavored) butter (see here for our favorite compound butter recipes).

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If your burgers puff up, put a dimple in
them. Photo by FCA Foto Digital | IST.



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