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TIP OF THE DAY: Save The Shrimp Shells

When you clean shrimp for a recipe, save and freeze the shells. They impart an intense shrimp flavor, and you can use them later to make another delicious dish.

  • Use them to make a simple stock and use it as a base for poaching fish, cooking rice, etc. (simmer the shells for 20 minutes with a bay leaf and 6 peppercorns).
  • Use the stock to flavor a shrimp/seafood risotto.
  • Use the stock to doctor a purchased seafood or fish stock.
  • Make a sauce from pan juices. After cooking fish or seafood, deglaze the pan with white wine and stock; finish with a tablespoon of butter and serve over the fish/seafood.
  • Simmer the shells in a pasta sauce for a big punch of flavor.
  • Add flavor to clam chowder and other fish/seafood soups and stews.
  • A friend tells us that her Golden Retriever loves to eat the shells.

    Shrimp shells can also lower your cholesterol levels.

    Give it a try!


    Save those shrimp shells! Photo by Leonardo
    Menezes | SXC.

    By the way, you can eat the shrimp shells. Some varieties have very thin shells, not unlike soft shell crabs. Many people don’t like to swallow the crunched-up shells, but they are nutritious. Our dad loved to crunch on them.

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