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HALLOWEEN: Good & Scary Chocolate

Ganache-filled Halloween pavés. Photo


If you didn’t find what you liked in our recent Halloween Candy feature, here’s more:

The scary images on these dark chocolate pavés (flat-topped squares) from Christopher Norman won’t frighten away chocoholics.

The luscious, creamy fillings will banish all fears:

  • The ghost contains wild berry dark chocolate ganache
  • The pumpkin holds peanut butter ganache made from both milk and dark chocolate
  • The devil is full of spicy apricot dark chocolate ganache
  • The black cat has a classic dark chocolate ganache.
  • This type of decoration is known as transfer, short for cocoa butter transfer. The designs are reproduced in colored cocoa butter on large sheets; then carefully transferred by hand to the top of each chocolate.

    A 5.3-ounce box is $32.99 at

    Now that you’ve learned about pavés and cocoa butter transfers, master more chocolate terminology in our Chocolate Glossary.

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