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PRODUCT: Sugar-Free Margarita Mix

Have a Margarita for just 5 calories on top
of the liquor calories. Photo by Katharine
Pollak | THE NIBBLE.

A few weeks ago we wrote about Skinnygirl Margarita, a 100-calorie Margarita-in-a-bottle sweetened with low-glycemic agave nectar.

There’s a new contender on the market: The Original Skinny Margarita, made by Jordan’s Skinny Mixes. It’s joined by the Original Skinny Appletini and the Original Skinny Cosmopolitan.

The mixes are made with natural flavors and sweetened with sucralose (Splenda). The Margarita mix has five calories per four-ounce serving; the other varieties contain zero calories.

The five calories make a difference: The zero-calorie varieties were more “diet” tasting. It’s easier to make a lemon-flavored, almost-calorie-free Margarita mix than to duplicate the flavors of apple schnapps or cranberry juice.

There’s a need in the marketplace for sugar-free or low-glycemic agave-based cocktail mixes. A regular mix adds hundreds of calories, many of them sugar, to a cocktail. We applaud the introduction of these sugar-free cocktail mixes, and hope that a line of agave-sweetened mixes is forthcoming.

There’s a store locator on the website, plus links to purchase online.



  1. Kathleen Donnelly said,

    August 17, 2011 @ 5:56 pm

    I haven’t tried Skinny Mix yet, and have to admit, the fact that they use splenda & artificial colors makes me think twice. Drink Skinny Margarita Mixes use agave and stevia in their mixes, and basic, fresh ingredients. You might want to try that one.

  2. Editorial Assistant said,

    August 22, 2011 @ 10:14 am

    Hi Kathleen, thanks for letting us know! We will definitely check out the Drink Skinny Margarita Mixes.

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