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TIP OF THE DAY: Ice Cream Float (a.k.a. Ice Cream Soda)

On the first day of summer, we’re thinking ice cream—and specifically, ice cream floats.

You may have added a scoop of vanilla ice cream into root beer or chocolate soda. But exciting new combinations await:

  • The “creamsicle,” orange soda with vanilla ice cream
  • The “chocolate cherry,” cherry soda with chocolate ice cream
  • The “peach melba,” raspberry or cream soda with peach ice cream
  • The “raspberry lime rickey,” lemon-lime soda with raspberry ice cream
  • The “tropical paradise,” ginger beer with mango ice cream
  • Designate one night a week “ice cream float night” at your house, and try a different combination each week.

    What’s your favorite float recipe? Let us know.

    Find more ice cream recipes in our Ice Cream Section.


    Steaz green tea soda (enhanced with food
    color) and lemon sorbet. What should we
    name it? Photo by Aron Kremer SXC.

    Why is it called a “float?” The carbon dioxide in the soda causes the scoop of ice cream to float at the top of the glass.

    In the early days of ice cream fountains (usually located in drug stores, where pharmacists mixed the syrups), plain soda water was mixed with a syrup to create the flavored soda. Things are so much easier today!

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