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TIP OF THE DAY: Spiced Hot Chocolate

Enjoy this yummy hot chocolate recipe, courtesy of top chocolatier Larry Burdick. Per serving:

1. Mix 1.5 cups milk, 2 heaping teaspoons of top quality cocoa powder, 1/4 cup of ground dark chocolate with 60% or higher cacao content (chop and grind a good dark chocolate bar in a spice mill or a food processor) and ground nutmeg and/or cinnamon (fresh-grind using a microplane grater for great flavor).
2. Heat the milk to just below boiling.
3. Whisk in the cocoa powder and ground chocolate.
4. Add nutmeg and cinnamon to taste—we like a lot of each.
5. If you like “Aztec” spice, add some chili powder, too.

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    Rich and spicy! Photo by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.

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