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8 Mile Vodka Wins Top Honors At International Competitions

Bottle OfAward-Winning 8 Mile Vodka
[1] The champion: 8 Mile Vodka (photo © 4 Detroiters Liquor LLC).

Martini With 3 Colors Of Olives
[2] A vodka Martini with a special olive garnish (photo © The Skylark | NYC).


And the winner is: 8 Mile Vodka, which has just bested other super premium vodkas from around the world.

The Michigan-based producer of “the water of life”* has been awarded the prestigious Masters medal in the Super Premium flight at the Vodka Masters 2023 competition in London.

The founder of the competition praised the brand’s, “clean, grapefruit aroma, great body and mouthfeel around the tongue, followed by delightful peppery heat balance with light bitter astringency.”

This is the latest in a string of awards for 8 Mile Vodka, which has impressed critics and consumers alike with its smooth taste and high quality.

  • Last year, 8 Mile Vodka won two of the highest recognitions in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for Best in Class: Vodka and Best of Class: Overall Vodka.
  • It also won the Double Gold Medal Award for Taste at the San Francisco competition.
  • It was a Triple Gold Winner at the 2022 MicroSpirits Liquor Association awards.
  • In 2021, 8 Mile Vodka brought home a Gold Medal from the 2021 Sip Awards International Spirits Competition in a double-blind tasting.
    So, vodka lovers:

    You may wish to buy a bottle for yourself, and as gifts for your vodka-connoisseur friends. The holidays are coming!

    Here’s a store locator.

    8 Mile Vodka was founded in Detroit in 2016, and is distilled in Lansing, Michigan, in single 90-liter batches that allow for optimal quality control.

    Head to the company website to learn more.
    > The history of vodka.


    *The word “vodka” comes from the Russian words zhiznennia voda, which mean “water of life” (the literal translation is “little water”). Interestingly, this is the same translation for “whiskey”: The Gaelic uisce beatha, pronounced ISH-ka BYA-ha, which evolved to the modern word, whiskey, also means “water of life.” (It is also spelled uisge baugh, ISH-ka BA-ha.) Here’s more about vodka.




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