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5-Calorie Chocolate Tea From David’s Tea

How popular are the chocolate-flavored teas from David’s Tea? Two of the three flavors (Chocolate-Covered Strawberry and Hazelnut Chocolate) are sold out!

We discovered this after receiving an early Valentine’s Day gift of five-calorie chocolate tea from David’s.

Truth to tell, for a no-calorie Valentine gift with chocolate flavor, we enjoyed it.

And you can still order S’mores Chai, in loose leaf tea or sachets (tea bags).

The flavors, according to David’s:

“Gooey toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, dark chocolate—the flavors of classic s’mores infused into pu’erh tea, with an extra dash of cinnamon to the campfire classic, so it’s rich, warming and packed with fudgy goodness. Brew it as a frothy tea latte for the ultimate cold-weather indulgence.”

All this, for only five calories per cup!

Get your S’mores Tea here.

Also spelled pu’er or pu-er, pu’erh (poo-ERR) is a special category of tea from the Yunnan province of China, where it is considered to have medicinal properties.

In Chinese medicine, pu’erh is said to reduce cholesterol, hangovers, and to improve dental hygiene. It also is the basis for “slimming tea” and “beauty tea.”

The tea is usually compressed into shapes such as bricks, discs, birds’ nests, or spinning tops.

While most teas are consumed within a year of production, pu’erh can be kept for years for the aging process. Pu-er improves with age, owing to the specific type of oxidation that affects the tannins.

The flavors and aromas are earthy and smooth. Pu-erh teas are available in black, brick green, oolong, and white.
> The history of tea.

> The different types of tea: a glossary.


David's Chocolate S'mores Tea
[1] S’mores tea (both photos © David’s Tea).

David's Chocolate S'mores Tea
[2] Bits of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker with pu’erh black tea.






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