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Zero-Calorie Chocolate-Infused Coffee By Cool Coffee Clique

How about a zero-calorie chocolate beverage experience for Valentine’s Day? We discovered this chocolate-flavored coffee and chocolate-flavored tea, perfect for those who want a taste of chocolate without any calories.

Courtney Adeleye, founder and CEO of Olbali, a global multi-brand company, creates products that improve quality of life.

After many unsuccessful years of searching for coffee that delivered both flavor and strength, Courtney Adeleye decided to blend her own.

She tasted samples from all over the world: Africa, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Vietnam. She then came up with the perfect coffee blends that pleased her palate, delivering bold flavor and robust strength.

She named the brand Cool Coffee Clique™, and branded her flavors as Strong “AF” (i.e., Strong And Flavorful).

The brand currently offers three flavors of coffee, plus flavored teas and hot chocolate. The Cool Coffee Clique flavors, available in K-cups include:

  • Double Chocolate CHOC-NO-LATE* K-Cup Coffee, infused with chocolate flavors. While coffee plus chocolate creates the flavor known as mocha, here you can taste both flavors distinctly.
  • CARA-TOFF-NILLA GourmetK-Cup Coffee, infused with caramel, toffee, and vanilla flavors.
  • Arabica Blend Elite Strong AF “And Flavorful” K-Cup Coffe (no added flavors, also available in bags of ground coffee).
    Get your coffee on the company website or from Home Shopping Network.
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    Box Of Coffee & K-Cups From Cool Coffee Clique
    [1] Double Chocolate Choco-No-Late Coffee is infused with chocolate flavors, but no calories (both photos © Home Shopping Network).

    Box Of Coffee & K-Cups From Cool Coffee Clique
    [2] The rose-decorated boxes are another nice touch for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and wedding showers.

    Why is the chocolate-flavored coffee named CHOC-NO-LATE? The company says that you’ll “Never be late, and always on time when you keep the rich delectable Choc-NO-late Coffee within your reach.”


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