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NEFT Vodka, A Great Sipping Vodka For National Vodka Day

Neft Ultra Premium Vodka
[1] A NEFT martini with just a splash of vermouth (all photos © NEFT Vodka).

Neft Vodka On The Rocks
[2] For Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other festive event, a bird’s eye chile brightens the glass of NEFT, neat. Because the chile isn’t cut, its flavor and heat don’t infuse into the vodka.

Field Of Rye
[3] NEFT is made from an ancient strain of non-GMO rye.

Rhaetian Alps In Austria
[4] The pure water comes from the Rhaetian Alps in Austria.


What are we sipping on October 4th, National Vodka Day? NEFT Vodka!

NEFT is an elegant, ultra-premium vodka that we first wrote about in May.

NEFT vodka is crafted to stand on its own, to be appreciated solely for its taste, with no need for mixers. Just because it is un-aged and colorless doesn’t mean NEFT can’t be sipped straight!

If you’re looking for a “sipping vodka,” treat yourself to a bottle (or a barrel, if you will—photos #1 and #2—the story of the barrel is here).

Room temperature is the ideal way to sip ​NEFT neat, to maximize your enjoyment of its aromatic and flavor complexities.

It can be sipped on the rocks as well, but see the next section before you add ice.

NEFT is made from only Alpine spring water and ancient non-GMO rye grains.

  • The oxygen-rich water, naturally filtered from deep in the Rhaetian Alps of Austria, delivers an earthy, slightly sweet front end and a minerally-smooth finish.
  • NEFT ​utilizes both copper pot and continuous stills to meticulously craft a refined spirit without stripping away ​the essential components of its character ​and terroir.
    NEFT Vodka received two Double Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a “Best in Show” in the vodka category.

    The distillery is powered by low-carbon natural gas and is moving toward 100% renewable energy.

    When a fine spirit is served on the rocks, the cooling properties of the ice depress its dominant flavors and aromas.

    In other words, the ice actually masks the flavors and aromas that make the spirit so high-end.

    This is the reason why connoisseurs drink their spirits neat. Some add a drop or two of water to the glass, which is said to open up the flavors and aroma of the drink.

    Most master blenders do the latter. A pair of Swedish chemists decided to examine why adding a bit of water would improve the spirit’s taste.

    Here are their findings.

    If you try NEFT neat but decide you’d like a mixer, add some French or Italian vermouth, and bitters.

    Certainly, you can mix up a Bloody Mary or a Screwdriver, but the elegance of NEFT will get hidden under all that juice.

    You can purchase NEFT online, or inquire at your local retailer.
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