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El Luchador Tequila For A Father’s Day Gift

El Luchador Tequila
[1] El Luchador tequila, featuring a graphic of the famed Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers (all photos © El Luchador Tequila).

El Luchador Tequila
[2] El Luchador Blanco, shown with a Lucha Libre wrestler mask.

El Luchador Tequila
[3] A Lucha Libre wrestler. They keep their identities a secret.


When we first saw El Luchador tequila, we thought: Great gift! We purchased several bottles as Father’s Day gifts. Because while any artisanal tequila is welcome to a tequila lover, a bottle with memorable branding is that much better.

The El Luchador portfolio of tequilas was inspired by the instantly recognizable-masks of Mexico’s colorful Lucha Libre wrestlers, whose acrobatic showmanship is a national cultural institution.

So is Mexico’s tequila, so connecting the two is a natural.

The use of the mascara or Lucha Libre mask that adorns the bottles was popularized by Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata (Saint, the Silver Masked Man).

A cultural icon, Santo is considered the greatest Luchador of all time. Here’s more about him.

Santo made his wrestling debut in the summer of 1942 and quickly captured the public’s fascination with his fighting ability and mysterious secret identity. He lied most of his entire life never showing his face.


Made from 100% blue agave with centuries-old artisan techniques, even the unaged Blanco expression is a delightful sipping tequila. The aging of the other expressions adds layers of complexity and sipping satisfaction.

The brand’s portfolio of outstanding tequila expressions includes:

  • El Luchador Blanco, unaged, delivers fresh agave and bright citrus notes ($39.99 SRP).
  • El Luchador Still Strength Blanco, the Blanco distilled to 110 proof, adds notes of nougat and coconut (55% ABV ).
  • El Luchador Reposado, aged for four to six months in French white oak barrels*, delivers flavors of roasted agave, citrus, and vanilla (40% ABV; $44.99 SRP).(/li>
  • El Luchador Añejo, aged 14 to 16 months in French white oak barrels*, has more finesse. That additional time in oak adds increasing layers of complexity with notes of deeply roasted agave, caramelized citrus, and vanilla.
    A release of an El Luchador Extra Añejo, aged for more than three years, is in the works.

    Check with your local liquor store, or order online.
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    *The Reposado and Anejo aged expressions rest in French white oak barrels that once held the great white Burgundy wines of Puligny Montrachet.




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