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Steak Sauce Recipes For National Steak Day

[1] No matter what cut of steak you’re cooking, a homemade steak sauce adds palate excitement (photo © Tom’s Kitchen Chelsea).

[2] More restaurants are slicing the steak in the kitchen, making it easier for the diner to cut bite-size pieces (photo © Barbacoa | Boise).

[3] How about a sliced porterhouse (photo © The Jones Family Kitchen | Belgravia).

[4] Chimichurri tops a line of sliced steak (photo © Roast Restaurant).

[5] An extra treat: a choice of two ormore steak sauces (photo © The Jones Family Kitchen | Belgravia).


A word about National Steak Day, a new holiday created by a cloaked group of steak restaurants and online sellers of beef*. We can’t find who set up the website, which proclaimed the holiday on April 25th, 2019. It may have originated in the U.K. It may have only been held in 2019.

The timing isn’t great for National Steak Day. April 27th is National Prime Rib Day. And an earlier, risqué holiday, proclaims Steak and a [Sexual Act] Day on March 14th. June is National Steakhouse Month.

Questions notwithstanding, we’re taking the day to present five updated steak sauce concepts from chefs nationwide.

The goal of the chefs was to give the classics some trend-forward flavor. Via Flavor & The Menu, a website for chefs to find inspiration for their recipes, we present, in alphabetical order:
1. CHIMICHURRI SAUCE: The garlic-parsley-vinegar assertiveness of this Argentinian classic cuts through the richness of steak (here’s a recipe). For a contemporary version:

  • Add roasted poblano, olives, toasted spices, or yuzu.
  • Prepare a red chimichurri sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and other Mediterranean ingredients, such as Italian parsley, olive oil, and Calabrian chiles—not to mention, the garlic.
    2. HORSERADISH SAUCE: To the classic, creamy horseradish heat (here’s a recipe), add:

  • Sweet pickle relish, for sweet heat.
  • Gremolata, tarragon, buttermilk ranch dry seasoning, Buffalo sauce, or Buffalo powder.
  • A swap of beer mustard for the Dijon, and Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise.
  • Idea: Atomic Horseradish Cream—prepared horseradish + sour cream + ranch seasoning + hot sauce + smoked paprika.
    3. HOLLANDAISE SAUCE: This classic French mother sauce is creamy and unctuous but a bit bland. Bearnaise sauce, a secondary mother sauce, kicks up the flavor by adding tarragon and shallots to a wine reduction.

    But hollandaise can be the base for any bold flavor.

  • Worcestershire powder or porcini mushroom powder.
  • Indian or Thai curry paste, harissa, smoked tomato, or romesco.
  • Avocado purée.
    4. BORDELAISE SAUCE: This classic red wine sauce can be tweaked with:

  • Coffee, minced roasted root vegetables, bone marrow, Carolina gold barbecue sauce.
  • Stout beer, port wine or bourbon in place of red wine.
  • A dollop of whipped compound butter for extra indulgence.
  • Idea: Java Bordelaise, Bordelaise + espresso + cacao nibs.
    5. PEPPERCORN SAUCE: This lightly creamed, peppery sauce with brandy accents, can be modernized with the addition of:

  • Minced candied bacon, white miso paste, or pomegranate molasses.
  • A swap of black peppercorns with tri-color peppercorns or the hotter Sichuan peppercorns or cayenne.
    Take the plunge and make a new steak sauce. Creativity is contagious!

    *To take part in National Steak Day your business will need to offer at least one steak at a 25% discount on April 2019, or a special menu/offer with added value for the customer. Your business will have its own dedicated webpage which will showcase your steak offer. Customers will be able to download vouchers to redeem your offer(s).






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