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GIFT PICK: Bumbleberry Farms Creamed Honeys

Bumbleberry Farms’ founder transformed a love for bees into delicious creamed honeys (she calls them honey creams). Not plain creamed honey: flavored creamed honeys, in glorious, fun flavors.

The business started making 18 jars of honey cream spread at a time, and selling them at farmers markets at the foothills of Pennsylvania’s Laurel Mountains.

While the small batches could barely satisfy a growing customer base, family and friends were still needed to help stir pots and fill bottles.

Buzz forward a few years and the honey spreads are now made in 100-gallon batches. Beyond farmers markets, they are sold to gourmet food stores, specialty stores like Whole Foods and Williams & Sonoma and gift stores.

Everyone has favorite uses for honey, from a cup of tea to a PB and banana sandwich.

We use it as a bread and toast spread and as spoon candy (we can’t stop eating it out of the jar).

Other favorite uses: biscuits and roast, glazes, marinades, popcorn drizzle, yogurt drizzle and as a condiment with cheese.

Bumbleberry Farms honeys particularly lend themselves to a cookie break, spreading onto plain cookies (butter, chocolate cookies, graham crackers).

Honey has a place at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are 30 different ways we use honey. There are also recipes on the website.

Honey also has a place in a gift box or as a stocking stuffer. Anyone with a sweet tooth will welcome it.

The flavors chosen, says founder and Queen Bee Karen Mosholder, “tasted of our childhoods growing up in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania–maple syrup on hotcakes, cinnamon rolls, homemade caramels, and hot cocoa.”

Each flavor deserves your attention:

Lovers’ Leap Sea Salt Caramel (photo #4). Pour it over popcorn, sweeten your morning coffee or tea. Warm it for an ice cream or pound cake topping.
Molten Lava Spiced Chocolate Honey (photo #1). Turn your breakfast bread into pain au chocolat. Or head to dessert and drizzle it on vanilla ice cream or pound cake.

Squirrel Crazy Maple Honey (photo #2). Drizzle it over oatmeal, cold breakfast cereals, French toast, pancakes, fruit, glazed chicken and pork.
Sticky Buns Cinnamon (photo #3). Make a quick cinnamon toast: Just spread Sticky Buns on biscuits or toasted bread; add some raisins for a cinnamon roll effect. Give some cinnamon flavor to coffee and tea.
Honey Cream Gift Set (photo #4). The Honey Cream Gift Set includes 5-ounce jars of each flavor.

Eight-ounce jars are $12.50; the gift set is $40.00.


Find a retailer near you, or purchase online at BumbleberryFarms.com.

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  •   Molten Lava Honey Bumbleberry Farms
    [1] Molten Lava chocolate honey (all photos courtesy Bumbleberry Farms).

    Squirrel Crazy Cinnamon Honey - Bumbleberry Farm
    [2] Squirrel Crazy maple honey.

    Sticky Buns Cinnamon Honey Bumbleberry Farms
    [3] Sticky Buns cinnamon honey.

    Lover's Leap Salted Caramel Honey - Bumbleberry Farms
    [4] Lover’s Leap salted caramel honey.

    Flavored Cream Honeys Bumbleberry Farms
    [5] Creamed Honey Gift Set.



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