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GIFT: Our Favorite Chocolate Christmas Gift From Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Christmas Chocolate

Michel Cluizel Winterland Box

Photo #1: Michel Cluizel’s WinterLand chocolate in dark, milk and white. SEE THE LARGE PHOTO BELOW. The pieces in the box (photo #2) assemble into the holiday scene (photos courtesy Michel Cluizel).


We will write about other chocolate gifts this holiday season, but this is our favorite: the WinterLand Chocolate Box from French chocolatier Michel Cluizel (see the large photo below).

Since 1948—fifty years before artisan chocolate became or bean-to-bar became familiar terms in the U.S.‚ Chocolat Michel Cluizel has been handcrafting chocolate from bean to bar. Here’s how we described the chocolatier and its unique differences.

For the 2018 Christmas holidays, they’ve created something very special—and we hope it will be an annual offering.

You receive a gift-wrapped, three-layer swivel box (photo #2). The “base” layer is a rectangle of white chocolate that allow the dark chocolate Christmas trees and the milk chocolate Santa, reindeer and child to stand up and create a holiday scene, approximately 6″ x 6″.

There are also nine Sparkling Night Truffles—filled chocolates—to decorate the scene.

This can be a table centerpiece, but we kept ours on our own private table, enjoying a little treat every day. After we’d consumed the last piece standing, we started on the white chocolate base.

It’s time to add that the three types of chocolate are equally exquisite, and sent us shopping for Cluizel’s plain dark, milk and white chocolate bars to continue the chocolate happiness.

Here’s a video showing how easy it is to create your own Christmas wonderland.

This is a “personal messaging” chocolate box, using ChocoVoice® to record your personal message, should you wish to.

Head to the Michel Cluizel Website to order yours.


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Michel Cluizel Christmas Chocolate

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