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FOOD FUN: Microgreens Garden & Fishbowl For Your Kitchen

[1] The Water Garden from Back To The Roots: a new kind of surf and turf (photo courtesy Back To The Roots).

Arugula Microgreens
[2] Why buy microgreens like these when you can grow peppery arugula and others in your Water Garden? (photo courtesy Good Eggs)


Add this eye-catching fishbowl-and-herb-garden to your kitchen for fun and food.

Called The Water Garden, this novel device from Back To The Roots has an insert on top of the fishbowl, which grows herbs and microgreens.

You’ll be able to start harvesting the organic microgreen seeds included in the kit in just 10 days.

Then, just get out the kitchen shears and snip for garnishes, salads or wheatgrass smoothies.

The self-cleaning fish tank is a scaled-down aquaponics system where the fish waste fertilizes the plants.

Symbiotically, the plants clean the water, so the tank water needs to be changed less often.

Everything is included, from the seeds to a coupon for the fish.

When it’s time to grow a new crop, Back To The Roots sells microgreens refill packs of arugula, mustard and a salad microgreens combo. You can buy other seeds from many seed websites.

Consider the Water Garden as a gift or a family activity. In addition to growing your own food, it’s an educational introduction to aquaponics and ecosystems.

Get yours here.

Back To The Roots is a leader in growing-food-while-learning kits. Its first product took coffee grinds that would have become trash, and turned them into kitchen mushroom-growing kits, which we have used and gifted for years.

The kits have expanded, to include organic chiles and shishito peppers to cherry tomatoes and herb gardens.

Take a look at the selection.

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