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Keurig Elite
[1] Our new Keurig K-Elite (photo courtesy Keurig).

Laughing Man Coffee
[2] Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee (photo courtesy Green Mountain).

Green Mountain Kenya Highlands Coffee
[3] Green Mountain’s Kenya Highlands single origin coffee (photo courtesy Green Mountain).


[4] and [5] Javamelts flavored sugar tablets, individually wrapped for easy portability, in 24-packs or this gift box (photos courtesy Javamelts).


It’s “coffee week” at THE NIBBLE. We have a new coffee brewer, new K-cups, new flavored sugars, and delight in all of them.

Our brother, who doesn’t drink coffee and needs it only for an occasional visitor, watched me make a cup with my Keurig single-cup brewer.

“Should I get one of these,” he, who serves guests instant coffee, asked?

Sold! Or actually, given: I gave him my two-year-old Keurig and traded up to the latest model, the Keurig K-Elite (photo #1).

It has all the features of the last model, with new options such as a Strong Brew setting and an extra brew size, 12 ounces, for travel mugs.

You can adjust the temperature to make the water hotter; and on the other end of the spectrum, there’s an Iced Setting for people who want to direct-brew iced coffee. It brews to a strength that doesn’t get diluted when you add ice.

We spent many years grinding and brewing our own beans, even though we only drank one or two cups of coffee. With all the K-cup options available today, we’re Keurig converts!

Check out the details and buy it online.

Actor Hugh Jackman likes coffee, and also likes social missions. As co-founder of Laughing Man Coffee (photo #2), his mission to deliver premium coffee and give back to the farmers who produce it.

The Fair Trade-certified brand was founded in 2011 following a trip to Ethiopia where Jackman met a young coffee farmer named Dukale. Inspired by his perseverance and optimism in what is a hard life, Jackman moved to help improve the lives of coffee farmers.

He developed the Laughing Man brand with Keurig Green Mountain, and contributes 100% of his profits to the Laughing Man Foundation, an organization that supports coffee farming communities with programs that abet healthcare, education and housing for coffee farmers and their families.

The coffee is available bagged and in K-cups, which are in recyclable plastic. All four varieties are made from premium 100% Fair Trade Certified arabica coffee that is carefully harvested by hand.

  • Hugh’s Blend is a medium roast with complementary notes of tart green apple and toasted graham cracker.
  • Dukale’s Blend is a medium roast coffee that is a tribute to Dukale, who inspired the line.
  • Colombia Huila is a dark roast, single origin variety from Colombia, with notes of black cherry and chocolate.
  • Ethiopia Sidama is a light roasted single-origin coffee, with bright citrus notes of bergamot and lime.
    Now it’s your turn, to make every cup you drink contribute to social good. Get Laughing Man at, and consider buying some as gifts for your Hugh Jackman-loving friends.

    Who doesn’t love Hugh Jackman?

    The line is certified kosher by OU.

    We’ve been enjoying a box of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Origin Kenya Highlands Coffee (photo #3), which we received to sample.

    Kenyan coffee is often described as bold, big and juicy, with excellent acidity. Some tasters find notes of blackcurrant, or call it winey (both excellent flavors).

    Green Mountain’s Single Origin cooperatives and farms employ progressive farm management principles, and have a direct supply chain relationship with Green Mountain Coffee (i.e., no middlemen cutting into the farmers’ profits).

    The coffee is also Fair Trade Certified, meaning that small farmers are paid a fair price for their beans, enabling them to invest in the quality of their coffee and quality of life for their families and communities.

    It’s the most socially-conscious way to buy Kenyan coffee: While the volcanic-soil highlands yield some of the best coffee in the world, Kenya’s coffee farmers are among the poorest (source).

    You can find the Kenya Highlands coffee on Amazon and Costco Online.


    If you like flavored coffee, you can carry it with you at all times—in the form of Javamelts, individually-wrapped flavored sugar cubes (actually, they’re rectangles—photos #4 and #5).

    They’re an innovative and convenient new way to flavor and sweeten coffee (or tea), in four flavors:

  • Caramel
  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Mocha
    A Javamelt turns any plain cup of coffee into flavored, sweetened coffee with just a few more calories than a level teaspoon of table sugar: 20 calories apiece.

    They’re gluten-free, dairy free, and very giftable to anyone who likes flavored coffee. We’re giving them as party favors for Mother’s Day.

    You can buy samplers, assorted flavors and gift boxes (photo #5), at


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