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TIP OF THE DAY: Fall Pies & Pie Crust Decorations

What’s your favorite fall pie? We put together this list of popular options.

What type of pie do you hanker for? For the autumn season, we particularly like:

  • Apple and apple combinations, such as apple-cranberry and apple-pear
  • Caramel apple, pear, pecan, etc.
  • Cherry pie
  • Maple-nut
  • Maple-pear
  • Pecan and other nut pies (almond, hazelnut, macadamia, walnut)
  • Pumpkin, squash and sweet potato pies
    You can take any pie you like and tailor it to your aesthetic preferences. Just follow this simple guide.


    Next, pick a shape:

  • Conventional round pie
  • Deep dish pie
  • Galette
  • Hand pie
  • Pan pie
  • Slab pie

    There are choices beyond the classic flaky pâte brisée. A soft, tender crust, it is made of flour, water and fat, and designed for moist fillings.

    (Pâte sablée, tart dough, makes a harder, cookie-like crust. The fat, typically butter, is creamed together with sugar; then the eggs and flour are added.)

    But step away from the tried-and-true, and consider other choices:

  • Cake batter crust
  • Cereal crusts: corn flakes, granola
  • Cheddar cheese crust
  • Cinnamon roll crust, made with sliced cinnamon roll dough
  • Coconut crust
  • Cream cheese crust
  • Crushed cookie crust: Biscoff, chocolate wafer, graham cracker, gingersnap, oatmeal, shortbread, sugar cookoie, vanilla wafers
  • Dried fruit crust, with chopped dried cherries, cranberries or other fruit(s)
  • Nut and seed crusts, including salted almond and pecan. The nuts or seeds are mixed with flour, but can be all nut for a gluten-free crust.
  • Pretzel crust
  • Surprise crust, with candy (e.g. M&Ms) on the bottom
  • Other flour crust: gluten-free, whole wheat, etc.
    Note that some fruits, e.g. blood orange, simply go better with a tart crust.

    What type of edge (rim) do you like on your crust? Photo #1 will give you some ideas (there’s a larger version of it below).

  • Braided edge
  • Classic fluted rim/rope crimp
  • Finger crimp
  • Folded/pleated edge
  • Fork tines, parallel, chevron, crosshatch
  • Scallop crust (made with the tip of a spoon)

    You can add festivity to the top crust with :

      Pie Crust Decorations
    [1] Different crust styles; see them more clearly in the photo below (photo courtesy Sur La Table).

    Cookie-top Pie
    [2] Petticoat tail nut shortbread tops a pumpkin pie (photo courtesy La Brea Bakery).

    Pie Top Cutter
    [3] Pie cutters are available in numerous designs, including holiday themes like pumpkins and snowflakes (photo courtesy Nordicware).

    Braided Pie Crust
    [4] Can’t decide? Go for some of everything, like Judy Kim of The Judy Lab.

  • Cobblestones, squares of dough like those atop cobblers
  • Cookies, either design shapes (leaves, flowers) or petticoat tails (photo #2)
  • Dough appliques
  • Lattices
  • Streusel or nut crumble
  • Stencils (cut-outs—photo #3)

    Pie Crust Varieties
    Top row: scattered leaf appliques, mini applique edge, lattice. Middle row: applique flowers, classic fluted
    edge, applique leaves. Bottom row: stencil cut, braided edge with leaf applique, full leaf applique top.


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