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GIFT OF THE DAY: Le Brownie, The Perfect Party Favor Or Stocking Stuffer

There are more than a few places in the U.S. named Pain d’Avignon, and many more worldwide.

Avignon is a town in southeastern France, on the Rhone River. It was the seat of the papacy from 1309 to 1378.

Its medieval Palais des Papes, cathedral, Pont d’Avignon (the historic bridge over the Rhone), and the entire ancient town enclosed in medieval ramparts have helped to make the town a major tourist destination. Avignon became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

The Festival d’Avignon, established in 1947 and held each July, is considered one of the world’s greatest festivals.

There’s also great local cuisine. “Quality restaurants are easy to find and good food is hard to miss,” says Naomi Bishop of Eat Your World.

Cultural background concluded, it’s now time to…


Pain d’Avignon means bread of Avignon, which is just part of the tasty cuisine. Like “Bistro de Paris,” it has become a popular name for French-style bakeries, cafés and restaurants.

Today’s focus is Pain D’Avignon in Hyannis, Massachusetts, a café-boulangerie (bakery-café), that began baking artisan bread in 1992. It expanded to pastries, and then to an entire café menu.

Alas, you can’t get the bread and pastries unless you live locally. But you can buy the biscotti, brownies, gourmet granola bars and raspberry shortbread on line—shrink-wrapped and waiting to be presented to your friends and family, as:

  • Party favors
  • Stocking stuffers
  • Anytime little gifts

But aren’t there good brownies in most places?

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Le Brownie Bite

Le Brownie and Le Brownie Bite, from Pain d’Avignon. Get lots!

We enjoyed everything we tasted, but we’re going to load up on Le Brownie.Le Brownie has three benefits:

  • Size. Le Brownie is a perfect size, 5″ x 1″, for when you just want a small treat. For an even smaller treat, Le Brownie Bite is one-third the size—truly a bite. They’re very good for portion control.
  • Price. We can’t find anything this good at this price where we live: $2.75 per Le Brownie, $2.00 per Le Brownie Bite.
  • Taste. They’re way better than “good”: They’re deeply chocolate and nut free (so everyone can enjoy them), a very satisfying brownie experience.


Head to PaindAvignon.com and order lots!

You can never order too much: The brownies keep well in the freezer (and, we hesitate to admit, taste equally good frozen).


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