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PRODUCT: Master Of Mixes Bloody Mary Mix


Really good, and ready to party. Photo
courtesy American Beverage Marketers.


Master of Mixes, a brand from American Beverage Marketers, and award-winning Food Network chef Anthony Lamas, have launched “Chef Inspired” Bloody Mary Mixes. We received samples last year, but saved them for January 1st, National Bloody Mary Day.

We’re sorry we didn’t enjoy them earlier. They’re excellent!

Quality fresh ingredients, and “unique” (per the company) spices, deliver an abundance of flavor in three varieties:

  • Classic Bloody Mary Mix: Classic is a refreshing twist on the traditional Bloody Mary with strong, bold flavors that stand up to the vodka while allowing the tomato and sharp savory notes to shine through. The flavors of Roma tomato juice are accented with black pepper, cayenne pepper, celery, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Loaded Bloody Mary Mix: This is how we like our Bloody Mary mix, with the boldness of horseradish and chile peppers. Chef Lamas adds the bright garden flavors of cucumber, celery and citrus. The mix is beautifully textured with chopped spices and diced vegetables, along with fresh horseradish, cracked black pepper, jalapenos, lemon and lime juices.
  • 5-Pepper Bloody Mary Mix: This seriously spicy blend will delight those who like it hot (but nicely so). The blend features ancho, chipotle, habanero, jalapeño and other chiles.

    Chef Lamas, proprietor of the Louisville-based Latino/Southern restaurant Seviche, had a “farm fresh” concept in mind: a more palatable, flavorful, bright Bloody Mary mix. He has succeeded!

    While one would think that the market didn’t need another Bloody Mary mix, truth be told, many of them are substandard. We typically mix our own—it’s pretty easy—but would happily use Master Of Mixes.

    In fact, they’re so natural and flavorful, they make an excellent Virgin Mary, a.k.a. tomato juice cocktail, straight from the bottle.

    About that bottle: It’s a pretty downscale design, given the high quality of the product inside. Don’t judge the book by its cover.

    The mixes are available at major retailers in all 50 states, well-priced at $3.99/liter and $6.99/1.75 liter. To learn more, visit You can purchase Master of Mixes products online at

    American Beverage Marketers Inc., is a leading worldwide producer and marketer of cocktail mixes.


    Yes, please! Photo courtesy American Beverage Marketers.



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