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PRODUCT: Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

Ketchup with richer tomato flavor, thanks to
sun dried tomatoes. Photo courtesy Traina

Traina Foods says that they produce “the world’s finest sun dried fruit,” which they sell to manufacturers, ingredient companies and distributors.

But they’ve taken some of their lush California sun dried tomatoes and turned it into ketchup.

The sun dried fruit provides a deeper, richer taste than you’ll find in regular tomato ketchup. And because this is a specialty brand (as opposed to a mass market brand), the manufacturer uses less sugar and delivers notes of pepper and vinegar. It’s better quality ketchup, and you’ll notice the difference.

For those who want heat, there’s a sriracha version.

Either will add more punch to your hot dogs, burgers, fries, eggs, meat loaf, cocktail sauce and anything else that requires a hit of ketchup.

Treat yourself to some, and consider the bottles as stocking stuffers for ketchup-loving friends. Just tie a ribbon around the neck!

The regular Traina Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup is available on, in single bottles or six-packs.

We couldn’t find the sriracha version online, but here’s a store locator and an email,

Montebello Kitchens also makes a delicious sriracha ketchup that you can buy on Amazon.

Their curry ketchup is one of our passions!


The first ketchup was made in Asia, and had no tomatoes whatsoever.

Here’s the history of ketchup and a review of 42 specialty ketchup brands.

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