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TIP OF THE DAY: Sunshine Raspberries

Double Gold raspberries, sold as Sunshine
Raspberries by Driscoll’s. Photo courtesy

Grocers have the same challenge as other retailers: how to catch the eye of consumers with something new, and get them to spend more money.

Seeking to sell more to grocers, browers are always on the prowl for new produce varieties, with distinctive flavor and a different look from conventional supermarket varieties.

So today’s tip is: Be on the prowl for what’s new and exciting.

In the raspberry department, what’s new is Double Gold raspberries. A cross-breeding of conventional red and the newer gold raspberries, Double Golds have a deep blush color, combining hues of both red and yellow into a peach-like effect, and a distinctive conical shape.

The berries are naturally bred, never genetically modified or subjected to irradiation.

As befitting their parentage, Double Golds—called Sunshine Raspberries by a major grower and distributor, Driscoll’s—have a unique flavor of their own—different from both the red raspberry and the golden raspberry, but still an obvious member of the family.

Said Courtney Weber, a Cornell University small fruits breeder and associate professor of horticulture, “If consumers get a taste of these, they will buy them.”


The variety was released to growers by Cornell, where it was bred, two years ago. The Double Gold plants bear deeply blushed, golden champagne-colored fruit in two crops per season (hence the “double” in the name). New to the retail marketplace, they are being sold under the Driscoll’s label as Sunshine Raspberries.

The plants have also been sold to u-pick growers, farm stands and home gardeners. You can buy the plants from Burpee.com.

Imagine a bowl of the three different colors of strawberries, sparkling like jewels. Or, top pound cake, angel cake or sorbet.

It’s a treat for summer entertaining!

Here’s how they look at the grocer’s. Photo courtesy Fresh Direct.


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