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NEWS: You Can Get A Super-Healthy Lunch In Midtown

Yes, you can get a truly nutritious take-out
lunch. Photo courtesy WFM.
  If you don’t have time each day to prepare a super-healthy, grilled-veggie-intense brown-bag lunch like our friend Laura does, you may end up eating a lunch that contains lots of empty carbs and saturated fats:

  • Burgers or burritos
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Chinese food with white rice and egg roll
    On days when we’re not lunching on products for NIBBLE reviews, we’re guilty of all of these.
    Then we were invited to sample lunch at Between The Bread, a takeout place in midtown Manhattan (145 West 55th Street) that’s different from any takeout we’ve ever seen. It’s as if a nutritionist had dreamed up the take-out menu:


  • Grilled fish and seafood
  • Grilled breast or paillard* of chicken, skinless
  • Whole grain, legume and green salads
  • Grilled veggies galore
    For those who need a pasta fix, there are orzo salad a variety of penne dishes, along with fresh soups and yes, some sandwiches for those who must have something “between the bread.”

    *Also called a scallop or escalope, paillard is a piece of boneless meat orpoultry that has been thinned with a mallet or rolling pin; it can also be butterflied.


    The menu changes daily. The day we visited there were:

  • Two salmon choices: one herbed, one topped with tomatillo salsa
  • Other seafood: mahi-mahi, buffalo shrimp
  • Three chicken dishes: herbed chicken, chicken teriyaki and mustard chicken with jasmine rice
  • Whole grain and legume salads: barley with green peas; corn with black beans, orzo and green onions; quinoa; mixed white and wild rice with green onions and pomegranate arils
  • Grilled veggies: beets, bell peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini
  • Other salads: green beans with sliced almonds and roast garlic, Caesar
    Everything looks beautiful and fresh. You wouldn’t even think of it as “good-for-you food,” but as “I want to eat it now food.”

    It’s how America should eat.

    One of the most delicious ways to serve vegetables: Grill them! Photo courtesy McCormick.
    Entrées are $11.95 for vegetable and chicken dishes and $13.95 for seafood, which includes two sides (vegetables, salads, pastas).

    Tell the counter attendant not to include the rolls that come with the entrées. They’re O.K. but not worth the empty calories. Ditto for the muffins.

    There are desserts: bread pudding and assortment of bars, cookies and cakes. You’ve done so well with your choices, though: Pass them by.

    If only there were a Between The Bread everywhere. Maybe it needs a name change though, to No Bread Necessary.


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