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PRODUCT: Chobani New Yogurt Flavors

Chobani, America’s top Greek yogurt brand, has come out with some terrific new flavors. It’s easy to default to a blueberry or strawberry yogurt, but the company considers these new flavors to be exotic.

We love them for light meals, snacking or dessert. Now, we hope that the flavors will resonate with Americans, so retailers will keep them on the shelves.

Chobani Bite. How about about Chocolate Mint or Honey With Ginger, the new flavors of Chobani Bite, the 3.5-ounce, 100-calorie cups sold in four-packs. We’re crazy about both, so delightful that we can happily trade in those less-healthful snack options.

Standard Cups. Low-fat Apricot, Coconut, Key Lime and Orange Vanilla and non-fat Blackberry are the newbies in six-ounce cups. If you like coconut, it’s the winner. We wanted “seconds” immediately! The Orange Vanilla was a bit of a disappointment, because we were expecting “Creamsicle.” The flavors are a lot less pronounced. But we’d gladly have more of the others.

Chobani Flip. With dry ingredients that flip over into the yogurt, flavors include Blueberry Power–with chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts; Nutty for Nana with honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate in banana yogurt; Peachy Pistachio with pistachio and dark chocolate; and Tropical Escape, pineapple coconut yogurt with toasted coconut, hazelnut and granola.

Some of Chobani’s new flavors. Coconut is awesome! Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.
(Tropical Escape was the only flavor that didn’t wow us. Although the product is all natural, there was something about it that seemed artificial.)

Chobani Champions. For kids, there’s Flyin’ Dragon Fruit Greek Yogurt. This exotic fruit from the cactus family tastes like a blend of kiwi, mango, pear and watermelon. If you’ve never seen one, here’s a photo.

There are other flavors—14 in total—and most retailers have space to carry only a selection of them. But take a look in your store and “spoon in,” as they say at Chobani.


  • Chobani is the Greek word for shepherd.
  • Think there’s a lot of yogurt in the U.S.? European consumers eat up to seven and a half times more than we do!
  • How many types of yogurt are there? Check out our Yogurt Glossary.
    NOTE: As we write this, there’s a recall of some Chobani products due to mold that causes swelling container tops and bad taste. A couple of the products we received from Chobani had this problem; the majority were just fine. While Chobani looks into its production issues, don’t deprive yourself of its yogurts. The suspect yogurts, with code 16-012, are hopefully off the shelves.


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