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PRODUCT: Ringhand’s Beer Mustard

Delicious beer mustard from Ringhand. Photo
by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

  Occasionally, a particularly homespun product arrives at THE NIBBLE. Such was the case with a squeeze bottle labeled “Beer Mustard.”

The computer-printed label had only the ingredients,* a sketch of two steins of beer and, in tiny print in one corner, the words:

Ringhand’s Beer Mustard
Evansville, WI 53636

There’s no website. An Internet search produced a bare-bones Facebook page with one photo, one post and a map highlighting the company’s location in Evansville, Wisconsin, some 24 miles south of Madison. No one has been searching for Ringhand Beer Mustard in Google.

More search yielded little except this description from Something Special From Wisconsin, the trade organization that provided the red sticker:


Homemade Beer Mustard, using Wisconsin produced beer and mustard (1/2 ingredients) blended to a tangy sweet-sour flavor.

Why were we so gung-ho to get the scoop about Ringhand’s Beer Mustard?

Because it’s delicious! Of all the mustards we try, it stands out. Instead of the typical one-two punch of prepared mustard, there’s a subtle layering of flavors. You don’t even notice the horseradish, but it adds something special.

And at $3.00 per 12-ounce bottle, we’ll be ordering cases of it as affordable yet special holiday gifts.

There’s one more note about Ringhand Beer Mustard: The artisan mustard maker is Wisconsin State Assembly Representative Janis Ringhand, a former mayor of Evansville mayor (population 5,012).

This grandmother of four worked for 17 years as a bookkeeper for family-owned Ringhand Meats—where presumably, the products were enjoyed with lots of mustard.

To get yours, call 608.882.5819 or email janis.a.ringhand@gmail.com.


Mustard trivia: The squeeze bottle was in 1957 by Plochman’s of Illinois, which has been making mustard since 1852.

Here’s everything you need to know about mustard, including the many different types of mustard.

*Ingredients: water, vinegar, mustard seeds, salt, turmeric, horseradish, spices, beer, sugar.


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