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TIP OF THE DAY: Ways To Enjoy Watermelon

The healthy cupcake alternative: watermelon “cupcakes” with yogurt frosting (photo courtesy National Watermelon Promotion Board).
  Today is National Watermelon Day. If you’ve only enjoyed watermelon by the slice or in fruit salad—or a Watermelon Martini—here are new ways to enjoy the summer favorite:

  • Chocolate Watermelon. Drizzle a slice of watermelon with chocolate sauce.
  • Coconut “Cake.” Cut 8-9-inch circles from the middle of a large watermelon. Use them as cake layers and fill with coconut whipped cream.
  • Cupcakes. Make watermelon “cupcakes” by adding scoops of fresh watermelon to paper cupcake holders. Ice with vanilla or fruit yogurt, and garnish with sprinkles or chopped nuts (photo at left).
  • Dessert Nachos. Top triangles of watermelon with vanilla yogurt and pistachio nuts or chocolate chips.
  • Dessert Pizza. Top a circle of watermelon, cut into triangular slices, with coconut, raisins, sultanas and white chocolate chips (photo below). To make this your fruit-and-cheese course, replace the coconut with crumbled blue cheese or goat cheese.

  • Dippers. For a healthy snack, serve watermelon spears with a dip of fruit yogurt.
  • Ice Cream Topping. Purée watermelon and use it as a sauce on frozen yogurt, ice cream or sorbet. It’s a more summery version of raspberry purée. Use any leftover purée to make a Watermelon Martini.
  • Sorbet. Make conventional sorbet or granita.
  • Sundae. Watermelon pairs nicely with pistachio or vanilla ice cream. Top a scoop of fresh watermelon with a scoop of ice cream.
    These and many other delicious recipes are available at Watermelon.org.
    Tomorrow: savory watermelon recipes.

    For dessert: watermelon “pizza” (photo courtesy National Watermelon Promotion Board).

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