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PRODUCT: Sophie Greek Yogurt, No Sugar Added & Delicious

Sophie Yogurt, a new Greek yogurt brand,
offers delicious flavors that have no added
sugar. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.

  We love Greek yogurt, plain or flavored.

The problem with the flavors, however, is the sugar. We really like these brands, but not some 20 grams of sugar for a small portion:

  • Chobani: 6-ounce cups, 20-21 g sugar
  • FAGE Total: 6-ounce cups, 16-17 g sugar, 29 g for honey
  • Oikos: 5.3-ounce cups, 11-19 g sugar (most are 17-19 g, the vanilla has 11 g)
    Now, a team of nutritionists at has come up with a product that the marketplace should embrace: thick, creamy 0% fat Greek-style yogurt with no sugar added. Sophie Yogurt has 5 g milk sugar per 5.3-ounce serving, plus 8 g sugar alcohol.

    What is sugar alcohol?

    Sugar alcohol is a natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. The body absorbs it slowly and incompletely (it’s low glycemic). Erythritol, maltitol, sorbitol and xylitol are sugar alcohols you may have heard of. Here’s more information.


    Sophie Yogurt: Delicious Flavors

    While the company makes a plain Greek yogurt and Plain with Fiber, it is the fancy flavors that delight: Banana Cream Pie, Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Bean and White Chocolate Almond.

    The ingredients are primo. Banana Cream Pie, for example, uses real banana purée instead of a flavor extract.

    “Coming Soon” flavors include Lemon Chiffon, Passion Fruit, Pumpkin Pie and Sour Cherry Pie. Our only wish is that the company would make the line lactose-free, so the growing number of Americans diagnosed with lactose intolerance can also enjoy good yogurt.

    The line is all-natural, gluten-free and made with non-GMO milk. It will soon be certified kosher by OU.

    The company, which is based in New York, recently signed with a distributor. But the best way to find out if Sophie is coming to a store near you is to post an inquiry on the brand’s Facebook page.

    You can also check out the company’s website.

    Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Vs. No Sugar Added

    Sugar-free means the product contains no sugar. No sugar added means that the manufacturer has added no sugar; although fruit, milk and other ingredients contain natural sugar. Note that lactose (milk sugar) and fructose (fruit sugar) are natural sugars, which metabolize more slowly (are better for you) than refined sweeteners such as table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

    All milk and milk products contain lactose, also called milk sugar. Look at a carton of milk or plain yogurt and you’ll see how much sugar (lactose) is in a serving. In the case of milk, it’s 11 to 14 g of sugar per eight ounces. The same amount of plain Greek yogurt has about 9 g of sugar.

    All flavors of Sophie Yogurt have 5g of milk sugar (lactose), although no sugar is added.

    Why Milk And Yogurt Are Good For You

    1. PROTEIN. Milk and yogurt are good sources of high-quality protein.

    2. CALCIUM. Dairy products are rich in calcium, which is vital for healthy bones/skeleton. Most Americans do not get the recommended daily value of calcium.

    3. VITAMIN D.
    Dairy products are a major source of vitamin D, which is added by government mandate to the milk supply. Vitamin D is crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. It is also an immune system regulator, and helpful for everything from preventing rheumatoid arthritis to healthy brain function in later years.
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