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Blueberry Popovers Recipe For National Blueberry Popovers Day

Editor’s Note: We regret that the popovers video with Alton Brown was discontinued by the distributor. We’ve included links to other popover recipes below, plus this elegant blueberry popover recipe from Two Cups Flour (photo #1).
March 10th is National Blueberry Popover Day. Here’s a recipe for popovers that can use blueberries, cherries or other fruits.

Crunchy and golden on the outside, moist and airy on the inside, popovers are a puffy delight like the Indian bread, poori. But the buttery, crunchy taste is uniquely popover.

Popovers look fancy, but they are easy to make with the ingredients in your kitchen: eggs, flour, whole milk, butter, and kosher salt.
> National Raspberry Popover Day is May 3rd.

> National Cherry Popover Day is September 1st.

> The history of popovers.

Can’t you use a muffin tin?

Sure, a muffin pan will bake popovers just fine. But a popover pan will give you taller popovers with a more defined “mushroom” top. The popovers from a muffin tin will taste the same, but the popovers will have flat tops and won’t be dramatic-looking.

If you want the thrill of a fully risen popover, treat yourself: This popover pan will last a lifetime.

Here are more uses for a popover pan.

Alton Brown makes it look so easy in this video that you’ll want to order the popover pan post haste! The ingredients are already in the kitchen:

In honor of National Blueberry Day, you can add some chopped dried blueberries—or better yet, wait for June when blueberries start to come into season. We think popovers are magnificent plain; or with a bit of flavor from a tablespoon of chopped basil, thyme or Parmesan cheese added to the batter.

You’ll want to dig into the popovers as soon as they come out of the oven. Leftovers will last a couple of days in an airtight plastic bag. Microwave them briefly before serving.

> The History Of Popovers

Popovers are more than a delightful brunch or dinner roll.

Just like a baked potato, a popover can be filled to create a dish that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Cut the popovers in half and fill them with scrambled eggs, chicken salad, fruit, yogurt or whatever appeals to you.

For a dessert popover filled with lemon curd, ice cream, or pie filling, add a teaspoon of sugar to the batter.


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    [1] How can you resist these blueberry popovers? Here’s the recipe from Two Cups Flour (photo © Two Cups Flour).

    [2] This recipe from Joy The Baker adds lemon curd with the blueberries (photo © Joy The Baker).

    [3] Plain popovers in a spiffy red pan (photo © Neiman Marcus).



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