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PRODUCT: Kraft MilkBite Bars

Just when you thought that America had all the granola bars it needed (see our review of the best granola bars), Kraft Foods has launched Kraft MilkBite milk and granola bars, a welcome addition.

One bar provides 30% daily value of calcium. If you can get the kids to drink a glass of milk along with a MilkBite, it’s a win-win.

The only challenge is portability: These are not grab-and-go bars, but grab-from-the-fridge bars. The milk content requires refrigeration, because their innovation is that they contain enough real milk and calcium equivalent to an eight-ounce glass of milk.

Despite the fact that our fridge is always space-challenged (when you review food for a living, you get used to cramming items into every square inch), we’ve made room for these tasty snacks.

The 140-calorie bars (33g) have 3g fiber, 5g protein, 5g fat and 10g sugar.

So how do they taste?

Yes, please, we’d like some more. Photo courtesy Kraft Foods.


Don’t like chocolate? There are Strawberry
Milk Bite Bars for you. Photo courtesy Kraft
  • The Chocolate MilkBite Bar is a great find, providing the satisfaction of a brownie with a far better nutritional profile. We like it so much, we’re going to reverse-engineer the next time we bake a batch of brownies, and add some granola or rolled oats.
  • Given our passion for the Chocolate MilkBite, we hoarded them and shared the box of Strawberry MilkBite Bars with rest of THE NIBBLE team. The Strawberry flavor is just fine, but doesn’t sing to us like the Chocolate does.
    Three additional flavors—Mixed Berry, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter—are also available nationally, but we haven’t tried them.

    Where To Find MilkBites
    Look for MilkBites in the dairy aisle or refrigerated case at your market. The bars contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors/colors or preservatives.

    If you pack your lunch with an ice pack, MilkBite bars can be a regular snack. Otherwise, you may have to confine the enjoyment to home.

    If you have a fridge at work, beware: MilkBites won’t last 10 minutes unless you store them in a repurposed sauerkraut can. Open the can from the bottom and stick it at the back of the shelf; no one will go near it.


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