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GIFT OF THE DAY: Moravian Spice Cookies

Delicious, either plain or chocolate-dipped
(above). Photo by Jaclyn Nussbaum | THE

  An elegant gift, stocking-stuffer or treat for guests (serve them with tea, coffee and/or ice cream), we love ultra-thin Moravian cookies.

Beyond the luscious flavor, the thinness means fewer calories per cookie (in other words, two for the calories of one).

Moravian Cookies History
Moravian cookies are a rolled cookie that was introduced to Colonial American by communities of the Moravian Church. The recipe originated centuries ago in the kingdom of Moravia, located in what is now the Czech Republic.

Moravian cookies deserve the title “wafer-thin”; they are the thinnest cookies to be found. The dough is rolled to an almost-transparent thickness; the baked cookies are very fragile.

Original recipes have been traced back to the 18th century. While some bakers still make them by hand, most are factory-made to keep up with demand. Perhaps surprisingly, the factory-made cookies are thicker than the handmade ones (to help guard against breakage).

While Moravian cookies are made in a variety of flavors today (cranberry, chocolate, lemon, pumpkin, walnut and so forth), the original spices-and-molasses recipe is related to German Lebkuchen (gingerbread).

Salem Bakery’s Ginger Spice Moravian Cookies are made with the finest ginger, cloves and other exotic spices. The chocolate-dipped version is dipped on one side in rich artisan chocolate.

The regular spice cookies are just great; but the chocolate-dipped ones move you a little closer to heaven.

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