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PRODUCT: Perfect Polenta Cookies

Who wouldn’t want an invitation to the homes of Mary Ann McCormick and Nicole Nordensved? These mother-daughter bakers make such delicious cookies that friends and neighbors urged them to go into business.

The result, Lark Fine Foods of Essex, Massachusetts, is dedicated to making “deliciously different artisan cookies for grown-ups.”

Highly flavorful and not overly sweet, the all-natural cookies are made by hand in small batches using fresh ingredients.

We tried two of the eight varieties, Polenta Pennies and Salted Rosemary Shortbread. Both were excellent and make a beautiful presentation to enjoy with coffee or tea, or for a light dessert with fresh fruit, ice cream or sorbet. The Polenta Pennies, laced with lemon zest and golden raisins, also complement a cheese plate.

Polenta Pennies: a delight for home
enjoyment or for gifts. Photo courtesy
Lark Fine Foods.
Other flavors include Cha-Chas, the spiced chocolate shortbread that started the entrepreneurs in business; Coco Locos, buttery coconut cookies with a touch of rum; Lady Birds, whole grain cookies with chocolate chips and dried cranberries; Mighty Gingers, chewy cookies with lots of ginger; Russian Teacakes, butter balls with nuts, covered in confectioners’ sugar; and Scourtins, French-style sweet and savory olive wafers.

The sturdy, handsome packages are giftable, and we’ve put them on our holiday list. At $6.00 a package, they’re a delectable gourmet treat for recessionary times.

You can buy the cookies online at There’s a retail store locator on the website.

How many types of cookies can you name? Check out our beautiful Cookie Glossary.


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