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TIP OF THE DAY: Lemon Wheel Vs. Lemon Wedge

A reader writes: “When I order a beverage, sometimes it comes with a wedge of lime or lemon, sometimes a wheel (a circular slice). Is there a substantive difference or is it just an individual choice?”

The difference is style over substance.

Whether your beverage is a soft drink, juice, water, tea/iced tea or a cocktail, a garnish adds a nice touch.

  • Wheel. As an attractive garnish, the elegant wheel has it all over the clunky wedge. With a slit cut from the rind to the center, a wheel perches on the glass without falling off, even as you consume the drink.
  • Wedge. As a source of juice to squirt into the drink for flavor (in club soda, for example), the wedge provides more juice and a neater way to squeeze it. (You can twist a wheel, but you’ll need to touch the juice sacs with your fingers instead of holding on to the rind of a wedge.)
    A bit of citrus enhances water, juice, soda, iced tea and other beverages. Photo by Chris Johnson | SXC.

    Some bartenders do the work for you by squeezing the juice and then adding the squeezed wedge to the drink. Others notch the wedge from the fruit edge to the rind, and affix it to the rim of the glass for you to squeeze.

    Here’s Option 3

    If you don’t need the citrus flavor, garnish with a slice of cucumber, which goes with just about any drink. It’s elegant in appearance and is a crunchy edible bonus.

    Orange wheels, berries, melon and fruit slices are other options. Look at contrasting colors, such as the attractive green of a kiwi wheel.

    And don’t overlook one of our favorite tips:

    Fill your water pitcher with any combination of sliced fruits and berries. You’ll get an absolutely delicious infused water that’s calorie-free.


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