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PRODUCT: Fun Kitchen Decor

These fun decals meant for the nursery
are over our kitchen table. Photo

We saw these baby room decals from Wee Gallery Wall Graphics and knew immediately that we wanted to repurpose them for our kitchen, which needed a bit of color.

The self-adhesive, removable decals, made of eco-friendly polypropylene, can be repositioned with no damage to walls: Just peel and stick to create a fun wallscape.

While chacun à son goût, we actually prefer the happy birds with their “bon appetit” greeting to fruits, vegetables, cows, coffee pots, plump chefs and other kitchen decals we saw on various websites.

For those not into birdies, Wee Gallery offers sea turtles, flowers and other motifs.


We definitely bought ourselves $38 worth of fun with the 101-decals set: 2 birdies, 15 banner pieces, 5 stars and 79 alphabet letters to spell “bon appetit” or whatever you wish to say.

And happy as we are with our choice, we’d love it if Wee Gallery would apply its artistic flair to create a few kitchen-specific editions.

In the interim, if you want to spruce up the kitchen—or need a baby gift—we highly recommend the Birdie Banner.

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