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PRODUCT: Flings Trash Containers

Fill with recyclables or other trash, pull the
drawstring and it’s ready for the trash hauler.

If you celebrated July 4th at a cookout or other party, you no doubt participated in filling a trash bag with your share of recyclables.

Flings Pop-up Recycle Bins are an attractive and environmentally-friendly solution for collecting indoor or outdoor trash at parties, sporting events and barbecues.

They arrive flat and snap open to attention as a ready-to-use recycling container or garbage bag. Each bin holds up to 60 cans or bottles; the line has been certified green by the Sierra Club. Flings can be put out with the trash or taken to a recycling facility.

There are birthday bins, celebration bins, tailgating bins and other designs, including the “recycle” bin with the green universal recycling symbol. The designs add a festive air to any event (it’s as festive as trash gets).

Flings are available in 4-packs ($15.99) and 10-packs ($29.99) with free shipping from You can buy a single unit on

The manufacturer is continuously working with suppliers and trash haulers to ensure the optimum use of biodegradable and recycled materials, and compatibility with what it calls “our country’s trash infrastructure.”


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