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PRODUCT: Whoopie Pie Pan

Have fun making whoopie pies at home.
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If you’re enamored of whoopie pies—or inspired by our current Top Pick Of The Week, the whoopie pies from WannaHavaCookie—Wilton has just made your life easier.

The baking specialist has created a whoopie pie pan that makes it easy to get perfect cake “sandwich” halves. Otherwise, you have to drop batter with a cookie scoop onto a baking sheet, and pray that they’ll spread to even sizes. (Perhaps there’s so much filling in a whoopie pie to distract from the uneven cake layers.)

The nonstick pan is currently an exclusive at Sur La Table for $12.95. It makes 12 tops/bottoms, enough to make just 6 whoopie pies. That’s not a lot of output for all that effort of mixing, baking and cleanup: You’ll have to make a few batches to meet what will no doubt be great demand.

Recipes are included. After you’ve mastered them, you can check out the two whoopie pie cookbooks on the market.

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