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GADGET: Cakewich, A “Sandwich” Cake Mold

Boys and girls: This is not a giant peanut butter sandwich. It’s a cake!

Could the Cakewich be the best thing since sliced bread?

Use the silicone Cakewich sandwich cake mold to bake a cake in the shape of a double slice of bread. Slice the “bread” into layers and make your favorite Cakewich using appropriate-flavored cream fillings, jam or ice cream.

While we can’t wait to make the PB&J pound cake shown in the photo, we also want to bake chocolate Cakewiches (“pumpernickel”) filled with “egg salad” (whipped cream or buttercream with a dice of pound cake standing in for the yellow portion of the egg); ham salad (strawberry whipped cream/buttercream with a dice of red velvet cake) and cream cheese and smoked salmon (whipped cream/buttercream with a layer of apricot jam for the smoked salmon).


We can’t wait to bake this peanut butter
poundcake! Photo courtesy

Think of what type of sandwich you’d like to celebrate, and then what cake ingredients substitute for it. (The recipe for the PB&J pound cake is included).One caveat with silicone cake pans: They don’t brown as well as metal or glass pans. Thus, to get a brown crust on “white bread” or a banana “multigrain” bread, you’ve got to butter and flour the pan well.

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