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TIP OF THE DAY: Storing Cheese

Decorated sheets of parchment are a gift
idea for a cheese-loving friend. Photo
courtesy MurraysCheese.com.

The finest cheese is made on a farm or creamery, where it is stored in a cool—not cold—and damp environment. If cheese is kept too cold, it loses flavor.

So keep cheeses in the warmest part of the refrigerator: usually the top shelf. You can also use the vegetable bin at the bottom.

Except for aged, dry cheeses like Parmesan, most cheeses should be wrapped in parchment—not plastic—so they can breathe. Fine cheese stores will typically wrap your selections in parchment paper. Don’t toss the paper—reuse it to rewrap the leftover cheese.

Of course, the best tip is to buy only the amount of cheese that you need; but we all fear “running short,” especially when planning a cheese plate for guests.

To serve: Remove the cheese from the refrigerator and let it stand at room temperature for a minimum of one hour—preferably two hours—prior to serving, to allow the full range of flavors to emerge.

  • If you’d like to buy cheese parchment paper for yourself or a cheese-loving friend, Murray’s Cheese sells the brightly-designed sheets in the photo.
  • Learn all about cheese, see reviews of our favorites and find exciting cheese recipes in our Gourmet Cheese section.


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