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MOTHER’S DAY: Loose Tea Brewer


Get Mom a Kati for loose tea.
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Loose tea can take a bit more effort to brew, but most of the best teas are loose, not bagged. So lovers of loose tea are always looking for the best new solution.

Tea Forte, makers of the prettiest tea bags in the world (see our review), manufactures equally lovely teaware. For people who enjoy drinking a large cup of tea from a handsome Asian-style cup (no handle), their Kati Loose Tea System may be the best new solution.

The nicely-designed Kati includes three pieces, a 12-ounce ceramic cup with a set-in strainer and sip top ($15.00).

The large tea strainer (which can be used for other straining needs) sets into a groove created by a cutout in the lid. That same cutout becomes the sip-top when the strainer is removed.

Our only wish—a small one—is that Kati came with a matching saucer to serve as a strainer holder—our habit is to take the cup to another room while the tea is still steeping. We have to bring a separate dish for the strainer. The lid can be used for this purpose; but then it isn’t available to keep the heat in.


Get a Kati cup for yourself and your mom, so you can think of each other every day while enjoying your tea. Tea Forte also sells loose tea canisters to complete your gift.

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