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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Olympic Granola Bars


They may look like other granola bars, but
Olympic Granola Bars taste like dense nut
tortes. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky |

Whether or not you’ve ever eaten a granola bar, Olympic Granola Bars are a bar of different color…and flavor…and thrill. Although they call themselves “gourmet granola bars,” we’d go a few steps further. Put a scoop of ice cream atop these 2-1/2-inch squares and the experience is tantamount to eating a dense nut torte.

On the other hand, you can pop one of these individually-wrapped wonders into your pocket, gym bag or desk drawer and have a more-than-pleasing snack. One of the flavors approximates a very nutty chocolate brownie; there are lemon, mint and flavors to satisfy any sweet tooth. Add a cup of coffee or tea for a very filling snack: chewy, all-natural and healthy.

And surprise: This is raw food, very nutritious and good for you, with 10g of protein per bar. We love that something this delicious is also healthy sustenance with nothing refined and good fats and sweeteners. It’s everything your nutritionist would encourage you to eat and that you feel good about giving to your kids, with enough flavors to keep them interested (the line is also (wheat- and dairy-free). The only problem is, we can’t stop eating them.

What else can we say: We’re in love. In full disclosure, we’re also publishing an extensive review of every artisan granola bar in America that the writer was able to uncover. But they’re just granola bars. Olympic Granola Bars belong in a different category entirely. We suggest “happiness bars,” for what could be happier than finding something so delectable yet good for you.

  • Read the full review and order some. We promise, you’ll be happy.
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