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RECIPES: Soup Garnishes

It doesn’t take much to turn a bowl of carrot
soup into something glamorous. Here, a swirl of
heavy cream, a parsley sprig and some gourmet
flatbread from Top Pick Of The Week Rustic
do the trick.

Take a minute to garnish, and a bowl of soup will never be “just a bowl of soup” again. Just use one or more of these garnish groups, mixing and matching as appropriate for the recipe:

Bread: Artisan bread, crackers, croutons, flatbread, pita, toast

Dairy: Crème fraîche, grated/shaved cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, yogurt, quark

Herbs & Spices: Fresh herbs taste best, but dried herbs as a backup

Fruit: Apple slices, dried berries and cherries, fresh berries, grapes, lemon and lime slices, melon balls, pear slices, diced pineapple

Vegetables: Cooked or raw to match the soup, e.g. a broccoli floret or carrot slice atop broccoli or carrot soup

Read the full article, with suggestions for 21 different soups.

Find garnish ideas for other types of food in our article, Garnish Glamour.

Shirataki Noodles

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