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NEWS: Artisan Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini Goes Corporate With Nestlé

Pierre Marcolini
From left: Peter Brabeck-Lethmathe, Chairman
and CEO, Nestlé S.A., Lars Olofsson, CMO, Nestlé S.A. and Pierre Marcolini, pointing to Marcolini’s Holiday Star And Truffles, coincidentally one of our recommended chocolate holiday gifts. A nice-looking group, but can’t Nestlé photographers do better than these “natural” point-at-the-goods shots?
  One of our favorite artisan chocolatiers on earth, the great Pierre Marcolini of Belgium, has inked a deal with the largest producer of mass-marketed chocolate, Swiss giant Nestlé. In the old days, this was called “selling out.” Today, artisans deserve to be able to cash in for their years of hard work and contribution to the craft—not to mention, the great pleasure they have given to the thousands of people who have been privileged to enjoy their chocolate. But, you may want to enjoy it sooner rather than later, for who knows what changes are in the wind. According to the press release put out today by Nestlé, the partnership will allow Nestlé to benefit from “…the know-how and artistic talent of one of the world’s leading luxury chocolate makers, while Pierre Marcolini will gain access to Nestlé’s global experience.”
Pierre Marcolini will provide inspiration for future Nestlé chocolate ranges, while Nestlé will help Pierre Marcolini expand his network of boutiques across the world.” Does this mean the end of Marcolini’s impeccable standards? Time will tell. Marcolini already has a “worldwide” operation with 15 stores in Belgium, Paris, New York, Kuwait and Japan. There are just so many great beans available, and just so much chocolate that can be made by hand, to scale up a true “luxury” venture, Nestlé-style. The release continues, “Pierre Marcolini will continue to lead his company as an independent and autonomous operation, and Nestlé will join its board.” As of today, the Nestlé logo is on Marcolini’s home page, even more prominent than Marcolini’s own. Perhaps it’s just Marcolini’s excitement and anticipation. You can read the full press release here. Read our overview of Pierre Marcolini and our reviews of his chocolates, chocolate bars and confitures. We wish Mr. Marcolini the best in his new venture.
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