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NEWS: Babies Learn To Like Foods In Utero

Pregnant Woman
Love of broccoli and Brussels sprouts starts here. Photo by Denise Thuler | SXC.
  Want your children to like fruits and vegetables? Start them young—in utero. According to scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, a lifelong taste for fruit and vegetables can be instilled in babies before they are born: The taste is transferred to them through amniotic fluids in the womb. The process can be continued after birth, as taste and smell are also transferred to the infant through the mother’s milk. The implication: You can cut down on obesity and “train” your unborn children and infants to eat sensibly. Instill a taste for vegetables, such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts, instead of chocolate and potato chips. In the test, babies whose mothers had drunk vegetable juices when pregnant were much more disposed toward eating vegetables than those in the control groups. Older babies who were eating solids, but still receiving breast milk, rejected green beans until the mothers introduced them to their own diets. Can we can assume that Dorothy Walker Bush, mother of our 41st president, ate no broccoli when pregnant? Find some interesting veggies in the Vegetables Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.
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