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PRODUCT WATCH: AllerNotes For Food Allergies


An easy, portable solution for everyone with food allergies.
  An estimated 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies, some of which can be fatal. Last year, a member of THE NIBBLE staff, allergic to peanuts, specifically told the waiter at a Thai restaurant that she could have no nuts. Either the message did not get communicated to the restaurant, or the dish was prepared in one that had been previously used for nuts; but our colleague suffered a dreadful reaction. If she had had AllerNotes in her pocket, the message would have been delivered more emphatically.
AllerNotes are repositionable notes (like Post-Its) that feature the international symbol for NO!, the red circle with a slash, as well as a text warning and an illustration of the nuts, eggs, fish or whatever cannot be consumed. They are meant to be handed to the server as you the food allergy is explained. AllerNotes are not a substitute for a verbal explanation, but are meant to augment and emphasize what is told to the server, to reinforce the severity of the allergy to the waitstaff and the kitchen staff. The note can be attached to the order as it goes into the kitchen. Notes are available for Dairy Allergy, Egg Allergy, Fish Allergy, Nut Allergy, Shellfish Allergy, Soy Allergy, Wheat Allergy and a generic Write-In allergy for garlic, or, in nonfood situations, latex, penicillin, latex. Beyond restaurants, AllerNotes can be used to mark school records, handed to caregivers or attached to a driver’s license. In addition to the re-positional notes, the company makes AllerNote labels, semi-permanent stickers that easily affix to lunch boxes, notebooks, laptops, daycare or medical records. A package of 100 notes is $8.50. Purchase at
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