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NEWS: Business Gushing At Water Store

  While we don’t yet know of a water store in the U.S., we’ve heard of one in New Zealand, and now one in Toronto, where the first store devoted to water has opened despite the growing environmental backlash over plastic recycling. According to Canada’s National Post, The Water Shoppe in fashionable Greektown has had an overflow of consumer business as well as response from business to small restaurants to large hotels. The store, which opened on July 7, carries 47 brands from health-oriented brands to stylish bottles to impress at the dinner table. Water is imported from countries as far away as South Africa and Japan, and as close as the U.S. (Bling H20, $65, which comes in a wine-shaped bottle studded with Swarovski crystals). The majority of the products are in glass; the store reminds people to recycle and there’s a recycling bin in the store. To further enforce a green message, cups at the drink bar are made from recyclable corn-based resin. Still, Franz Hartmann, executive director for the Toronto Environmental Alliance, says that the city’s tap water is clean, and the most environmentally friendly water comes from the tap. Recycling is better but it’s an unnecessary container. The owners argue that bottled waters have different tastes and may offer some health benefits. Some customers are requesting water with a higher pH, claiming this keeps the body more alkaline to ward off disease. One customer buys Fiji Water and washes his face with it, since the higher content of silica in that brand is said to improve the condition of skin, nails and hair. See THE NIBBLE’s Water Section for bottled water brand we think are worth it.
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