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PRODUCT: Spill Stopper Pot Lid From Kuhn Rikon

Your pots won’t boil over with the Spill
Stopper silicone pot lid. Photo courtesy
Kuhn Rikon.


A watched pot never boils, the adage says. But most of us know too well that if you don’t watch the pot, it can boil over, creating quite a mess.

Kuhn Rikon has solved the problem with its silicone Spill Stopper. Use it instead of the regular pot lid. Any liquid that boils up sits in the shallow bowl of the Spill Stopper, waiting for you to turn down the heat.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, the Spill Stopper comes in a choice of three colors—green, red and purple—and two sizes, 10-inches and 12-inches.

You can pick one up wherever Kuhn Rikon products are sold (try Sur La Table), or online at Amazon. The 10-inch Spill Stopper is $24.95, the 12-inch version is $29.95.

If that sounds like more than you want to spend, think of this: No more messy, boiled-over clean-ups.



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