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PRODUCT: Jones Soda Au Naturel ~ Great Flavor For Just 35 Calories A Bottle

Jones Au Naturel: at 35 calories a bottle, a clear and clearly delicious low-calorie soda alternative. Photo courtesy Jones Soda.


Sugary soft drinks have been deemed a contributor to America’s growth in obesity and diabetes in children and adults. So a few years ago, The Harvard School of Public Health issued a call to beverage manufacturers to create a new class of beverages with very specific calorie and sugar architectures.

Jones Soda has been the first to answer the call in the sparkling beverage/soda category, and has upped the ante by making the products all natural.

The Au Naturel soda line has stripped sparkling beverages to the bare essentials: only crisp carbonated water, all-natural sweeteners and flavor essences. The sodas are clear because there’s no reason to add color. They include green tea extracts with a small dose of natural caffeine for a pick-me-up.

Consumers who have outgrown full calorie sodas, those seeking lower calorie options and those interested in all natural foods have something new and exciting to sip.


The excitement comes from an excellent, sweet flavor for only 35 calories/7 g sugar per 16.9 ounce bottle (there are 100 calories/27 g sugar in a comparable amount of Coke). That’s an 80% reduction compared to most non-diet sodas, and also includes a full five grams of fiber.

The sweetener mix comprises low-glycemic and low-calorie organic agave syrup (nectar) and noncaloric stevia, along with a reduced amount of pure cane sugar. The new product line provides an alternative to traditional sodas, without sacrificing flavor or fizz.

The Au Naturel line launches with three flavors: Green Apple A Day, Lemon Limelight and Orange Ya Glad It’s Mango. All three are very refreshing, and the calorie savings:flavor ratio can’t be beat.

Au Naturel has a suggested retail price of $1.79 per 16.9-ounce bottle.

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