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PRODUCT: BaconLube Massage Oil

It’s a massage oil. It’s a personal lubricant.
It’s Baconlube. Photo courtesy J&D’s.


According to a recent survey by Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s market leader in the bacon category, when asked to choose between bacon and sex, more than four in 10 responders (43%) chose bacon.

But they don’t have to make that decision with J&D’s Baconlube, a new, water-based lubricant that the company calls “the McRib of sex.”

It’s a limited edition product: Only 3,000 bottles have been made. Get yours at for $11.99.

It could be this season’s quirkiest holiday gift.

But our favorite product from J&D’s remains Baconnaise: a bacon-flavored, kosher-certified mayonnaise that lets us make mock BLTs without having to clean up the bacon grease.

We buy it by the case to give as gifts.

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