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TIP OF THE DAY: How Much Wine Per Person Do You Need?

If you’re planning a party, how much wine do you need? Wine quantities will vary depending on the type of party you’re having.

Gary Sitton, winemaker at California’s Clos du Bois winery, offers these general rules of thumb:

A standard bottle of wine (750ml, or 25.3 ounces) provides five five-ounce glasses of wine.

  • For a sit-down dinner party, plan on half a bottle of wine per guest. Then, buy an extra bottle or two, just in case the festivities go on longer than anticipated, or guests want a glass of wine before or after dinner.
  • For a cocktail party with a caterer or wait staff, plan on one-third to one-half bottle of wine per person, per two-hour period. If you’re also serving hard liquor and your guests are divided in their preferences, go for the smaller amount.

    A wine pourer helps to pour without dripping. Photo courtesy Rosendahl.

  • For cocktail parties with an open bar or where guests serve themselves, plan for 10% percent more than with waiter service.
    Now that you’ve got a handle on the wine, here’s how to calculate the amount of hors d’oeuvre.*

    *In French, the singular and plural word forms are the same: hors d’oeuvre.


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